Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

— Nelson Mandela

Children's Education Sponsorship

Education is recognized as a key factor in helping children move beyond poverty. It improves a child’s income-earning potential later in life. But the fact remains,  poverty itself often prevents children from staying at school.

Working with Creative Handicrafts helps women stabilize the economic situation of their families. This creates a platform for the next generation to move ahead. The women’s children go on to study for longer and at higher levels which enables them to help their families out of the cycle of poverty.

This is the backdrop to Creative Handicrafts' education sponsorship program. It’s an opportunity for you to invest in the next generation, ensuring they have better economic opportunities than their parents.

212 children

sponsored in the past 5 years

Sponsorship program details

  • Children aged 6-23 years (from primary/elementary school through until finishing university).
  • Creative Handicrafts automatically sponsors up to 2 children per woman who is member of the Cooperative.
  • Children from a nearby slum community whose mothers are not necessarily working with Creative Handicrafts. A social worker makes a home visit to confirm the child's economic situation and suitability for sponsorship.

A child’s profiles will be sent to you, it includes the following :

  • The child’s photo.
  • An overview of the child’s family background.
  • A summary of the child's education level and progress.
  • Pays for educational material and school fees
  • An annual picnic for all sponsored children
  • Career guidance workshops
  • Celebrations for different festivals like Diwali and Christmas
  • Annual sports day
  • A photo of the child you are supporting (updated each year)
  • Half yearly updates on the academic progress of the child
  • June/July a copy of the child’s report card
  • Christmas card made for you by the child

Absolutely! Send your message or gift to us at Creative Handicrafts and we will pass it on to them for you. We’ll take a photo of your child receiving your gift and send it to you.

Education Sponsorship Options

20 Euro


  • Support the education of 1 child with monthly payments.

US$25 for donors outside Europe

120 Euro

6 monthly

  • Support the education of 1 child with half-yearly payments.

US$150 for donors outside Europe

240 Euro


  • Support the education of 1 child with yearly payments.

US$300 for donors outside Europe

Sign up to sponsor a child's education

Education is not a way to escape poverty — it is a way of fighting it.

— Julius Nyerere, former President of the United Republic of Tanzania

Sewing Training Sponsorship

Since its inception, Creative Handicrafts has focused on taking unskilled women into its fold. Initially, women were trained to make soft toys. After moving to the production of more complex garments and accessories in 2001, a high-quality training programme became essential to the success of the Cooperative groups.

Women learn to sew so they can join a Cooperative, which opens the door to a stable income. It also helps set up the next generation for success. The economic stability drastically improves their children's educational prospects.

Around 60 women are trained every year. Creative Handicrafts is constantly looking for opportunities to include more women in training.

300 women

trained to sew in the past 5 years

Training Program Details

  • Women from the slum and tribal community approach Creative Handicrafts for work and are trained to stitch. For women to be accepted into the training program, they must be unskilled and from a disadvantaged economic background.
  • Women do not have to wait to join the training program, they start at the time they approach Creative Handicrafts.
  • Training is provided to the women for free.
  • Trainees are given a Rs.1000/month stipend to cover any travel expenses.
  • There is no compulsion for women to join a Cooperative at the end of their training, although most do.
  • Each training lasts for a maximum of 4 months.
  • Classes are in 2 half-day batches; 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.
  • Trainees are taught the basics of how to sew garments on electric sewing machines.
  • At the end of the training period, trainees are given a practical test to ensure they can competently stitch a garment. Trainees must successfully complete this training to join a Cooperative group.
  • At the Cooperative, each new woman is partnered with another woman until she is able to independently handle the production of a garment. She continues her learning, expanding the range of garments she can sew.
  • If they are not able to learn sewing skills, they are offered the option of working at Asli Foods.
  • Some have gone on to get less skilled jobs in other garment factories. Their exposure to garment manufacturing at Creative Handicrafts opens this door for them.

Offer a woman the chance for a better future by sponsoring her training.

140 Euro
  • Support 1 woman through her 4-month training program.

Photo and details of the trainee you are supporting will be emailed to you.

Update on trainee's progress will be emailed at the end of the training.

US$170 for donors outside Europe

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